We have a proven, trademarked strategic planning methodology that combines client planning sessions, competitive audits, and market research...
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Our staff of senior level marketing executives drive big national media hits that build your brand's credibility, visibility, and unique point of difference...
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Tools are tools - sharp marketing minds with big ideas are what makes social and digital strategies come alive and deliver measurable, high impact results...
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Our nationally acclaimed creative directors, developers, and media buyers are seasoned, responsive, and squarely-focused on driving your business forward...
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Who we are...

Formed in 1996 and headquartered just outside of North Carolina's Research Triangle Park and the capital city of Raleigh, 919 Marketing is a national communications firm with a proven track record of helping companies of all sizes increase revenue, create a competitive advantage and improve marketing results.

We provide high-powered strategic planning, public relations, social media, digital marketing, and full-creative capabilities -- each utilizing proven processes refined and validated over hundreds of client engagements.

Our growth is tied to the growth of our clients -- and twice we've been named by INC magazine as one of the top 200 fastest growing private US marketing firms.

Why 919 Marketing?

Watch our 60 second video about "the numbers."

We make the numbers work for our clients. Most agencies dance around the numbers - they are much more comfortable talking about the size of your budget or the monthly retainer than talking about measurable goals and creating shared expectations.

We insist on clear program goals that dovetail and directly augment the numbers you are playing for - sales leads, top line revenue, market share, brand impressions and preference, etc. It's hard to know how you are doing if the expectations aren't set up front.

How we do it...

Marketing to your customers isn't the same as connecting with your customers. Turn to 919 and together we will build a magnetic wall of content (integrating digital and offline vehicles) that enables your brand to engage and motivate customers and prospects on multiple levels.

Our team of experts digs deep to uncover key insights into your brand and customers up front -- allowing us to set clear goals and priorities, devise powerful program strategies and create big breakthrough ideas that roll out to all consumer touch points on the wall of content.


We are a franchise marketing power hitter, working with a roster of emerging and blue chip brands to accelerate national brand awareness, drive franchise unit growth, build franchisee system revenue and outperform the competition online.
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